Conservative Solutions for America


  • NO amnesty
  • Build the Trump Wall, no excuses
  • End chain migration

Judeo-Christian Values

  • No Sharia Law in America
  • One nation, under God
  • “All men are created equal…”

Defend Life

  • Personhood (Life begins at conception)
  • End tax-payer funded abortions
  • Mothers counseled on pre-born before abortion

Constitutional Integrity

  • Constitution maximizes freedoms by limiting Government
  • God grants rights. Government protects them.
  • Executive Orders require simple House majority

National Security

  • Undo President Obama's damage to military
  • No nation-building, Congress must approve troop deployment
  • Reform bureaucratic defense appropriations process

Education Reform

  • Give education decisions back to parents, states
  • Abolish Department of Education
  • Cut federal funding for "Safe Space" colleges

Honoring Veterans

  • Platinum Choice" Healthcare
  • Private-sector internships during reintegration
  • GI Bill for qualified SBA loans

Healthcare Choices

  • Full repeal + free markets = patient-centered care
  • Health savings accounts + cross-state lines
  • Price transparency

Attack the Debt

  • Penny Plan (cut $.01 of every $1/year for 6 years)
  • Zero-based budgeting – justify every expense
  • No debt ceiling increases without drastic cuts, reform

Economic Growth

  • Private sector creates jobs, not government
  • House majority vote to repeal federal regulations
  • Energy independence


  • Allow private investment in infrastructure
  • Repeal Davis-Bacon (mandated union wage scales)
  • Federal reviews must be complete in three months

2nd Amendment

  • National concealed carry
  • End Operation Choke Point (Obama vs gun-friendly banks)
  • Legalize suppressors

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